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COALITION TO COMBAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN TEXAS (CCHT-TX) PARTNERED WITH CBF-INTERNATIONALS Field Personnel, Nell and Butch Green, and Fe y Justicia, to provide Labor Trafficking Awareness and Health & Safety Training for a rural, Cambodian community in Rosharon, Texas. This area was hard hit by Hurricane Harvey, and flood debris still lines the narrow roads in the tiny agricultural area seven months after the disaster.

Over 130 community members attended to learn about the health risks of reconstruction work (such as mold), how to include safety/health strategies (i.e., the use of personal protective equipment), and also how to identify signs of labor trafficking for them as well as within their community. Groups such as this Rosharon Cambodian community are vulnerable to human trafficking both as individuals being recruited by human traffickers and as homeowners through contractors using trafficked individuals as laborers.

Fe y Justicia is partnering with the City of Houston’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division of the Mayor’s Office to make sure workers are safe and healthy during this post-disaster time. CCHT-TX and its partners in anti-human trafficking awareness are grateful for these partnerships in bringing this education out to those in this community.