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Who’s Involved

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Local Resources

Minister Human Trafficking Toolkit
Parent Resource Book

Parent resource book – Develop your young child’s (ages 3-6) first internal filter to porn proof his/her brain:

Good Pictures Bad Pictures – ENGLISH VERSION:  


Imagenes Buenas, Imagenes Malas – SPANISH VERSION

Resource Book for Young Children
Video-Based Online Recovery Program

THE FORTIFY PROGRAM: an video-based online recovery program for kids ages 13-20 by Fight the New Drug (Raising Awareness on the Harmful Effects of Pornography)


Local Initiatives

Local Leaders Meet with CCHT-TX Director for Strategy and Leadership Session – March 15, 2018

Holding Institute – with many Educational Initiatives and Community Building Activities. The Holding Institute’s Medical Clinic is open beginning November 6, 2016.

Local Asset Mapping of organizations who assist and support the Anti-human Trafficking efforts will be available soon. Project completed by Baylor University School of Social Work 

Tool Kits

1. L.I.A.R.S and P.O.S.E.R.S.  Identify the red flags of deception in face to face encounters with a predator, or encountering a predator online in social media or chat rooms.  Bring this program to your school, church or community to equip parents, children, educators, and social service professionals.

2. Receive a special report with “The 4 Worst Choices a Teen Can Make”  on the very bottom of the Resources page of Freedom Youth Project. After answering some basic questions you can download the report in English or Spanish.

3. National Human Trafficking Resource Center – Student Tollkit designed to provide students with resources to identify and raise awareness of human trafficking in their community.  In addition to the toolkit you can download sex trafficking victim outreach card and a labor trafficking victim outreach card 

4. Fight the New Drug Media tools: Choose from videos, images and downloads to join the Movement How to Fight the New Drug starting in your homeThis link will include Iphone and desktop wallpapers, a downloadable Family Media Standard Contract template, and Fighters Pledge. 

5. One especially good TEDx Glasgow – The Great Porn Experiment by Gary Wilson, a talk about how porn affects your brain wiring, body function, behavior towards people and what the findings are about recovery from this addiction. 

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