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Our Story

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

The Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking in Texas was born from a small group of thoughtful, committed residents of Texas border cities and large Texas cities gathered in a Laredo, Texas in November 2015. Their lives were forever changed after hearing stories of two of the many victims of human trafficking, and the passion to learn more and to serve victims was born in their hearts. A unanimous commitment was made by individuals attending to form a coalition between Gateway Cities (points of entry into Texas) and Destination Cities (where victims actually end up enslaved) to address the issue.

The goal of CCHT-Texas is to bring collaboration between the Gateway cities and Destination cities to BREAK THE CHAIN of human trafficking before victims are lost into the trafficking maze.

The Vision and Mission Statement are established for the Coalition to build upon in designing its activities and goals under the designated Leadership Team. Gateway City and Destination City Teams are working together to seek an impactful response to the current slavery of people subject to and embroiled in human trafficking in and through the state of Texas.  This Coalition has begun its work to make a difference in specific areas: Eagle Pass, Laredo, The Valley, since there are fewer resources along the border.

In its initial activity, a Resource Map and Guidance Manual Ministry Tool Kit were developed by the Baylor University Department of Social Work following their research study in Laredo. These resources form the basis for the Coalition activities and goals for the future as the Coalition seeks to provide a network of vital resources to those living and working in these areas of Texas: Eagle Pass, Laredo, and The Valley.

Already, Coalition Teams have been organized and staffed in the initial three areas of emphasis and this web site has been launched.  Supporting business documents are approved, as well as a tax exempt status application filing to come soon.  Coalition Leaders and Partners have completed training to be Certified to work in the Human Trafficking arena using the program developed for members of Texas law enforcement agencies to meet their own certification requirements.  Networking, training and awareness activities have been held in each Border Area, and victim assistance activities begun.

We have seen a large number of agencies, groups and individuals join this effort with an increased excitement around learning how to address the day to day issues on the border within the legal framework, education of citizens on both sides of the border to attractions and dangers of human trafficking, and helping to develop the business foundation of the organization.

We look forward to new developments and will update this site as Our Story continues. If you would like to learn more or are ready to join in, please contact us via email and learn how you can get involved to COMBAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN TEXAS GATEWAY AND DESTINATION CITIES!


CCHT-TEXAS exists to provide awareness, education and victim services through collaboration with individuals and organizations to break the chain of labor and sex trafficking.


A world where individuals and organizations are equipped to prevent human trafficking and identify and help victims.

Who’s Involved

Concerned Citizens, Law Enforcement, Social Service Organizations; Businesses, Business Leaders, Government Organizations & Leaders; Partner Organizations, Medical Professionals

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