Looking for an opportunity to volunteer?

Posted Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 1:05pm
Volunteers help pack snack bags

Help needed!

Would you like to help provide food items or do you have a group who would like to help assemble 300 snack bags (included in the bags is info on  human trafficking and the National Hotline number for help)? 

We'll be travelling to Laredo July 11-12th and will be distributing these to individuals at-risk of being trafficked.  

For any questions, or if you're interested in helping, please contact Cynthia Aulds at Director@cchttx.com.

Suggested items:

Peanut butter crackers, Applesauce, Granola bars, Animal crackers, Cheese and crackers, Fruit snacks, Goldfish, Water bottles, Trail Mix, Vienna Sausage, Capri Suns, Pretzels, Gallon Ziplok bags

Or, if you prefer, $30 allows us to purchase food items for 10 snack bags