Taylor Lakes Christian Church labels socks and waters

Labeled Bombas socks with trafficking information
Taylor Lakes Christian Church Seabrook, Tx

Senior Minister Madella Williams led a group from the Women's Ministry at Taylor Lakes Christian Church in Seabrook and together they labeled Bombas socks and water bottles with trafficking information.  This information helps someone self-identify as a victim or know what signs to look for to help prevent becoming a victim.  

These volunteer efforts are so necessary!  Why? 

On a recent trip to the Rio Grande Valley, we learned that during one of the outreach events, a lady had come by the table and picked up one of our waters with the information attached.  She circled back around a bit later and asked if she could talk to someone.  She stated she thought she might be a victim.  Turns out she was.  And, as a result, she is now in a program getting the help she needs!!

YOU make a difference!