National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888 3737 888 (888-373-7888)

Why We Need Your Help

Let’s Prevent Human Trafficking and Identify and Help Victims

The Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking in Texas was born from a small group of thoughtful, committed residents of Texas border cities and large Texas cities gathered in a Laredo, Texas in November 2015. Their lives were forever changed after hearing stories of two of the many victims of human trafficking, and the passion to learn more and to serve victims was born in their hearts.

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Our goal is to bring collaboration between the Gateway cities and Destination cities to BREAK THE CHAIN of human trafficking before victims are lost into the trafficking maize.


We currently have coalition partners set up in Laredo, Eagle Pass, The Valley, and Destination Cities of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.


Pray for elimination of human trafficking occurring between Texas gateway and destination cities, and that victims can be identified and helped.

Have You Or Someone You Know, Witnessed or Been a Victim of Human Trafficking?

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline NOW (888-373-7888)


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